From Pushing Daisies to Hannibal, where do you fit in?

Which Bryan Fuller TV Show Should You Have Starred In?

  1. You got: Hannibal!

    You’re slick, classy and creepy AF. You belong with the best bad boy in town,Hannibal!

  2. You got: Dead Like Me!

    You’ve got a killer sense of humour and sarcasm gives you life. You’d fit right in with George and the reapers in Dead Like Me!

  3. You got: Wonderfalls!

    You love a bit of drama, but always see the lighter side of life! That’s why you’d be a perfect fit in the brilliantWonderfalls, poor bitch.

  4. You got: Pushing Daisies!

    You’re bright, bubbly and full of life. You belong in the vibrant, musical world ofPushing Daisies where anything can happen!