You will be starving by the end of this quiz!

We Know Which Avenger You Are Based On Your Shawarma Order

  1. You got: Black Widow

    You are always on your toes, carrying out covert missions and taking down bad guys. However, when you have time to take a break, what better way than to indulge on a delicious shawarma? Mmm

  2. You got: Captain America

    Since waking up in the 21st century, you have had your fair share of new experiences. However, the best part HAS to be the variety of food now available on every street corner. It’s a good thing you work out!

  3. You got: Hawkeye

    All of that running around and jumping off buildings can certainly work up an appetite. You’re a very hard worker, so you deserve to treat yourself on the best shawarma money can buy. So sit back, relax, and eat!

  4. You got: Hulk

    It may not be pleasant transforming into the Hulk whenever your emotions hit a boiling point, but it gives you an excuse to eat 10 times more than anyone else. More shawarma for you, you lucky thing!

  5. You got: Iron Man

    Considering that you are a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, it’s no surprise that you have expensive tastes. However, when it comes to food, you know that only a complete lunatic would choose caviar over shawarma!

  6. You got: Thor

    You have the best of both worlds, literally. You have the luxury of being able to travel to Earth from Asgard whenever you have a sudden craving for a shawarma.