Are you more of a Blair Waldorf, or a Brooke Davis?

Which Teen T.V. Show Drama Queen Are You?

  1. You got: Blair Waldorf

    Brilliant, impeccably put together, and a classic over-achiever, you rule the school through careful planning and quick wit. And you look SO good while doing it.

  2. You got: Brooke Davis

    Wild and carefree, you rule the school by inspiring awe in the student body through your brash antics and outgoing personality. Everybody wants an invite to your party. Plus, it never hurts to know how to take a bitch down a peg or two.

  3. You got: Naomi Clark

    A woman of many hats, you rule the school through your multi-faceted talents, and endearing personality. You’re fun and relatable, and you always know just the right thing to say.

  4. You got: Alison Dilaurentis

    Charmingly devious and manipulative, you rule your squad by any means necessary. You know how to get back at your enemies, and stay on top. Smarts, creativity, and secrets are your best weapons.

  5. You got: Santana Lopez

    Charismatic, fearless and ruthless, you rule the school by being better than everyone else. You’re talented, energetic, and you throw shade with the best of them. You are truly a Queen Bee to be feared.

  6. You got: Kate Sanders

    You’re an old-school Queen Bee. You rule by making sure everyone knows who’s on top. You’ve got snark, style, and a clique who’s got your back. No one’s threatening your reign.

  7. You got: Serena van der Woodsen

    You’re the classic “It Girl.” You get what you want through your classic good looks, fun energy, and natural charisma. You make being the Queen seem effortless.

  8. You got: Paige Michalchuk

    With a sharp tongue, and a sharper wit, you rule the school through intelligence and ambition. Despite that, you’re not afraid to show your softer side. People are drawn to you because you embrace your flaws, and strive to be the best — total queen bee material.