Hug me, brotha!

Which TV Brother Should Be Your Brother In Real Life?

  1. You got: Ross Geller

    You value education and a schedule. Ross Geller is the perfect bro!

  2. You got: Luke Dunphy

    You love to have fun, relax, and try new things. Luke is the ultimate brother.

  3. You got: Manny Delgado

    You are interested in the finer things in life, as is your new brother Manny. You guys will have a very close and emotional relationship.

  4. You got: Dean Winchester

    He’s tough and will stick up for you no matter what. Having Dean as your brother means having a badass on your side.

  5. You got: Carlton Banks

    He’s fun-loving, positive, and an all-around awesome brother to have. Lucky you!

  6. You got: Drake Parker

    He is tons of fun and an all-around really chill guy. He’s an awesome brother to have!