No judgment, but you like some really weird things.

This Color Test Will Determine Your Guilty Pleasure

  1. You got: Eating Alone and Crying

    Two things you love together at last. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate.

  2. You got: Internet Stalking Your Ex’s New Lover

    This shouldn’t feel so good, and yet you just…can’t…stop.

  3. You got: Waking and Baking

    Getting up and getting high are basically the same thing.

  4. You got: Being Too Into Adam Levine

    You can’t choose whom you love.

  5. You got: That Really Disgusting Porn Fetish

    You know what it is, so do we really need to go into detail about how much of a freaky freak you are?

  6. You got: Smelling Your Own Farts

    Why do they smell good only when they’re coming out of your body?