You’ll be dancing with the ~stars~.

Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Fave Celebrities?

  1. You got: Aries

    Honest, brave, and realistic, you must be an Aries!

  2. You got: Taurus

    You’re friendly, hard-working, loyal, and caring.

  3. You got: Gemini

    You’re funny and down-to-earth, and you like to meet new people and discover new things.

  4. You got: Cancer

    You’re family-oriented, you’d do anything for the ones you love, and you’re sociable and kind

  5. You got: Leo

    You’re radiant, funny, generous, and kind-hearted.

  6. You got: Virgo

    Smart, reliable and responsible, you’re a Virgo.

  7. You got: Libra

    You’re elegant, charming, peaceful, and diplomatic.

  8. You got: Scorpio

    Mysterious, passionate and strong-willed, you don’t bite — you sting!

  9. You got: Sagittarius

    You’re very independent, friendly, and free-spirited.

  10. You got: Capricorn

    You’re ambitious, patient, and resourceful.

  11. You got: Aquarius

    Original, independent and rebellious, you’re definitely an Aquarius.

  12. You got: Pisces

    You’re sensitive, tender-hearted, creative, and artsy.